TDR Blade Probe

主要用於:TDR Blade Probe

  • *主要規格:

    Electrical Specifications
    Nominal Length with Cable: 1 meter
    Attenuation: 1x
    Probe-only Bandwidth: 18 GHz
    Probe Pitch: 1 mm/0.8 mm/0.6 mm/0.4 mm
    Connector Type: SMA
    Reflected TDR Rise Time: < 20 ps
    Impedance: 50 Ω odd mode, 100 Ω differential mode
    Max Vin: 5.0 V
    Probe-only Propagation Delay: typically < 1.0 ns

    Mechanical Specifications
    Length: 142 mm/5.6 in
    Width: 33 mm/1.3 in
    Height: 12.7 mm/0.5 in
    Weight: 94 grams/3.3 oz
    Connector: SMA
    *Specifications are subject to change


    Probe-tip Calibration: Agilent TDR normalization
    High Bandwidth: Up to 18 GHz
    High Repeatability: No moving parts
    Ruggedness: Strong enough for hand probing
    Low Cost: Fractional cost of competition 

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